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Saturday, August 25, 2007


We arrived back in warm, sunny, Seattle summer last night. So happy to be back, but this also means that my trip is really over. I was happy to see that the kayak arrived back safely. Also, was able to figure out how to fly with all my gear (had to dispose of remaining camp fuel, wasn't sure if security would confiscate my bear spray).

In Juneau, we saw the Mendenhall glacier and then did a boat trip to Tracy Arm to see the North and South Sawyer glaciers. While we were at Mendenhall, we missed seeing it calve because we were watching bears. The Sawyer glaciers more than made up for that, we got to see lots of calving (parts of the face of the glacier falling off into the water becoming icebergs). It was very exciting. The ferry trip to Ketchikan was just what we'd hoped for, so we were a bit bummed we didn't get to do the whole trip, but most happy to be together and to get to see some of the area I'd paddled.