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Thursday, May 17, 2007

beautiful San Juans

I decided to spend the past week exploring the San Juan Islands some
more, so I could paddle with Warren, instead of making our way
together through the Gulf Islands (the Canadian equivalent of the San
Juans). I'm spending tonight at Friday Harbor Labs (thanks FHL!) and
tomorrow am taking the ferry back to Sidney (after having paddled that
crossing twice, I'm figure I'd rather take the ferry to get back on
track if I can, rather than spending the next two days retracing my
steps). but enough about the logistics, you want to hear about my
It's great. The weather has been amazing. I have been vigilant with
the sunblock, but am still pretty pink on the hands and face. There
have been some winds and currents not in my favor, but on the whole I
feel so lucky weatherwise. There have been eagle and harbor seal
sightings almost every day. Yesterday we watched an eagle and two
turkey vultures feast on what I think was a sea lion carcass. Warren
was great for pointing out wildlife, and was very excited to track a
marten at our camp on Jones Island yesterday. Warren also made great
campfires, which I will hopefully keep up on my own. We ate
excellently and had fierce gin rummy battles. I'll have to get used to
playing solitaire next.

Well I think it's time to switch my laundry. And tomorrow will be an
early morning to get everything to the ferry ahead of time.