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Monday, May 28, 2007

Powell River

After a long slog (lots of wind in the morning, that'll teach me to get an early start), I made it to Powell River last night. I stayed in a hotel, did laundry and am now finishing up on errands before taking off.
A couple notes on the SMS coords, I'm going to drop the N and W from now on, I think you get the idea. Also, my dad says that google Earth prefers degrees, minutes, seconds instead of decimal minutes. To convert, all you do is take the decimal part and multiply by 60 (for example 39.422 minutes is 39 minutes and 0.422*60 seconds). I'm still going to make you all do the math.
If you want to see photos, Neil has uploaded those from my first two weeks, plus photos he and Dean took of the launch to my Flickr account. Go to

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I miss you and am having an incredible time. Today is another beautiful sunny day.
love, Amanda