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Friday, May 11, 2007

O Canada

Well I made it to Sidney, B.C. and I'm here in a hotel for the night. It's been an amazing week, with 5 days of beautiful sunny weather. I set an ambitious plan to make it here by today to meet Warren tomorrow and I did an awesome job getting here. Unfortunately, the %!%^&*ing Canadians wouldn't let my brother Warren across the border to meet me to paddle the next leg. So tonight I'll decide whether to adjust my itinerary to go back to the San Juans and paddle with him there or to go on alone. I've really enjoyed going solo this past week, but the thought of some company definitely helped keep me going, so I'm not sure. It would mean making up the time later, maybe by taking a ferry through a different leg up past Port Hardy. hmmm. I need to go plan. So anyways, if I don't continue blogging for the next week, it means I'm back to the US and so not in my satellite phone minutes. Hope all is well with all of you.