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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Filling in the gap

I'm still not sure why messages after Bella Bella didn't post, but were still telling me that the message was sent. I think it has to do with reception. The thing about satellite phones is that while they're supposed to work anywhere, they need a clear view of the sky. And the coast here is steep with tall trees that don't make for very good reception while in camp. So I'll post the missing messages below (roughly, I write them out beforehand to get in the right ballpark for number of characters).

June 13
N52 12.878 W128 13.136
Horsfall Island
picked up my resupply box in Shearwater
bear hang much heavier
on my way in new place
rain stopped when I reached camp

June 14
N52 20.910 W 128 23.622
Lady Douglas Island
paddled hard
exposed sections, wind picked up in afternoon
rewarded with cabin, thank you Heiltsuk!
whooping cranes

June 15
N52 30.725 W128 17.102
Susan Island
perfect weather, 16 ft tides
curious seals
sunset behind island at 9:45 but more to go

June 16
N52 35.449 W128 31.174
paddling going smoothly, will have long day tomorrow
ravens around town are noisy
bursts of eagle