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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Port Hardy, day 2

I've spent today doing low key town things like switching from the expensive hotel by the marina to the hostel in the middle of town, getting ferry reservations for me and my kayak for Tuesday morning and figuring out the logistics of that (ferry terminal is across the bay and of course doesn't have an easy place to approach by kayak). The local kayak tour guy is great and is letting me store my kayak at his shop, driving me to the ferry Tuesday morning and then when I brought my boat over, he let me wash out my gear and helped me touch up the gelcoat on the bottom of my boat where it's been scratched up already.

What else to write about when I don't have to limit it to 160 characters? One thing that I'm bummed I missed along the way is Robson Bight. This is the reserve where orcas are known to go rub on the rocks to get rid of parasites. The morning I was first going to cross Johnstone Straight, it was too foggy, and so continuing north and crossing over where I did, I missed Robson Bight. I looked across the way, but didn't see any orcas. Oh well, hopefully I'll have another chance to see orcas by kayak.

Tomorrow is another town day, so I'll have a change to ramble more then. Amanda