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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

back in Prince Rupert

I took the ferry back to Prince Rupert today and will set out north again tomorrow. First I'll fill in some of the details on our Haida Gwaii trip. Gwaii Haanas is the giant park in the south of the Haida Gwaii. We had a sailboat take us and our kayaks down to the southern part of the park over four days, with stops along the way for at least one amazing activity each day. Then Neil and I paddled on our own for three days, and got the weather window we needed to paddle out to Sgang Gwaay (also known as Ninstints or Anthony Island among others), which is the village site of the Kungit Haida, with the most remaining poles and house remains in the park. It was spectacular and beautiful.
And then yesterday we waited around for hours for the speed boat that would take us back up, and then it sped us back up (with fine weather), splashing all the way, just in time to make the last small ferry of the day back over to the town where we had a hostel reservation, but after the taxi in town decided to stop for the night, but we made it there eventually, and I made my ferry back here this morning and hopefully Neil made his flight back to Seattle this afternoon.

Next city stop is Ketchikan. Hope summer is treating you all well, today it actually feels like summer weather here.