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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


In town again, out of the rain and clean and comfy. I find the pace of Wrangell much more congruous coming in from being solo than I did Ketchikan (though I had a great time there). Wrangell is small and slow, and there's only a little tourist infrastructure. Actually it's quite annoying because the one grocery store in town closes at 6, but I thought I had until 7. But I'll be in Peterberg in a few days and can get more perishables there. And the library is open from 7-9 on Tuesday night. I'm off again with an early tide tomorrow to cross Dry Strait (part of the delta of the Stikine River that dries at low tide).
Marine weather forecasts in BC were only for 2 days ahead, but in Alaska they do a full week forecast. It's quite depressing when the entire week ahead has rain predicted.